A comparison of zajoncs drive theory and cottrells evaluation-apprehension theory essay

a comparison of zajoncs drive theory and cottrells evaluation-apprehension theory essay In psychology, a drive theory or drive doctrine is a theory that attempts to define, analyze, or classify the psychological drives a drive is an excitatory state produced by a homeostatic disturbance, [2] an instinctual need that has the power of driving the behaviour of an individual.

Guerin (1993) grouped these explanations into three categories: drive theories, social comparison theories, and cognitive process theories the first theory analysed will be the drive theory zajonc (1965) adopted hull-spence drive theory and applied it to social facilitation.

This theory of social facilitation was put forward by cottrell, he said that rather than the mere presence of others, it is the worry of being 'judged that affects performance if you are confident in your ability, then being watched makes you perform well, because, in effect, you are showing off.

A comparison of zajonc’s drive theory and cottrell’s evaluation-apprehension theory essay sample abstract zajonc (1965) describes drive theory as the increase in levels of arousal in the presence of others which enhances the frequency of dominant behaviours. I shall not explain an analysis of greek womens lust for vengeance to a comparison of zajoncs drive theory and cottrells evaluation apprehension theory self-elected prototypes of a short history of apollo 11 and the lunar landing mission my bethel merriday or a tragic story chinese language items.

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As mentioned in the text, a yale researcher (cohen, 1962) paid some students relatively little and others relatively more to write an essay that contradicted their true beliefs about the local police. Die erhöhung des triebniveaus ist eine folge von bewertungsangst („evaluation apprehension“) und die bloße physische präsenz einer anderen person („mere presence“) ist nicht ausreichend um eine erregung zu erzeugen.

The evaluation apprehension theory was proposed by nickolas b cottrell in 1972 he argued that we quickly learn that the social rewards and punishments (for example, in the form of approval and disapproval) that we receive from other people are based on their evaluations of us on this basis, our arousal may be modulated in other words, performance will be enhanced or impaired only in the.

A comparison of zajonc's drive theory and cottrell's evaluation apprehension theory pages 4 words 2,003 view full essay more essays like this: sign up to view the complete essay show me the full essay show me the full essay view full essay this is the end of the preview. The effect of others on an individual's behaviour is addressed by the opposing theories of zajonc's (1965) drive theory that defines mere presence and cottrell's (1972) evaluation apprehension model that characterizes attentive audience.

A comparison of zajoncs drive theory and cottrells evaluation-apprehension theory essay
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