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Steve jobs是apple的创始人,现在很多人,大多数国际学校都在使用苹果电脑(mac)。这一本书描述了从steve jobs本人的出生一直到他后来的成就. Steve jobs biography steve jobs (feb 24, 1955 – october 5, 2011) was an american businessman and inventor who played a key role in the success of apple computers and the development of revolutionary new technology such as the ipod, ipad and macbook. Steven paul jobs was born on 24 february 1955 in san francisco, california, to students abdul fattah jandali and joanne carole schieble who were.

Steven paul steve jobs (february 24, 1955 – october 5, 2011) was an american businessman, investor, co-founder and ceo of apple inc he was the chief executive officer (ceo) of pixar animation studios until it was bought by the walt disney company [4. Steve jobs: the exclusive biography, 作者: walter isaacson, 品牌: littlehampton book services ltd, abacus, 'this is a riveting book, with as. Based on more than forty interviews with steve jobs conducted over two years - as well as interviews with more than a hundred family members, friends, adversaries, competitors, and colleagues - this is the acclaimed, internationally bestselling biography of the ultimate icon of inventiveness. Jobs met apple cofounder steve wozniak, who was four years ahead of him at homestead high, and the two quickly became friends, sharing stories of pranks they'd pulled.

Steve jobs was born on 24-02-1955 in san francisco in the state of california, united states he was an american entrepreneur, businessperson, inventor, founder, chairperson, ceo, computer designer & industrial designer. Steve jobs by walter isaacson is a wonderfully composed biography of steve jobs that one absolutely must read before drawing conclusions tying in interviews from a great deal of people who were close, and not so close, to him, isaacson goes into depth about jobs's life from the beginning to end. Steve jobs biography, age, height, wiki, family, profile, net worth (last updated on 2018) steve jobs is a professional american entrepreneur, businessman, inventor, and industrial designer steve jobs is a professional american entrepreneur, businessman, inventor, and industrial designer. As walter isaacson describes in his best-selling biography, steve jobs, the recently recrowned chief executive had a simple response: break the contract when an apple manager warned him that this.

从1971年至2000年间的故事着手,再现乔布斯创业初期的工作和生活:1976年,21岁的乔布斯与26岁的斯蒂夫沃兹尼亚克在自家的车房里成立苹果公司,并以敏锐的洞察力与. Jobs' biography: thoughts on life, death and apple after steve jobs was diagnosed with cancer, he asked walter isaacson to write his biography the new book tells the personal story of the man. Steve jobs is the authorized self-titled biography book of steve jobs the book was written at the request of jobs by walter isaacson , a former executive at cnn and time who has written best-selling biographies of benjamin franklin and albert einstein. Death steve jobs died on october 5, 2011 from pancreatic cancer he had fought cancer for several years since first being diagnosed in 2003 interesting facts about steve jobs jobs got the name for apple computers after spending some time at an apple orchard.

京东jdcom图书频道为您提供《史蒂夫 布斯传(steve jobs:a biography)》在线选购,本书作者:,出版社:中信出版社,中信出版集团。买图书,到京. Steve jobs has 709,508 ratings and 16,110 reviews stephanie very stable genius said: steve jobs was a damn dirty hippie he didn't much like to show. It's no surprise that steve jobs was a jerk there have been plenty of accounts over the years that have detailed his cruelty, rudeness, and miserliness to workers, business partners, and even. If you treat every day as if the last day of life, then one day you'll think this is correct -----steve jobs -----steve steve jobs: a biography i read the second book in.

Steve jobs [walter isaacson] on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers based on more than forty interviews with jobs conducted over two years—as well as interviews with more than a hundred family members. Steve jobs, who owned 80% of the company, saw his net worth rise to over $15 billion – five times the money he had ever made at apple in the 1980s the studio merged with walt disney in 2006, making steve jobs disney’s largest shareholder.

首页 » 英文励志小说 » 史蒂夫 布斯传记 steve jobs: a biography » chapter one childhood 选择底色: 选择字号: 【大】 【中】 【小】 (快捷键:左键)上一篇: 没. The steve jobs exclusive biography is an excellent recount of job’s life and achievements and a lot of “dirty secrets” that shed a better light on who steve jobs really was. Steve jobs is the subject of a number of books and films lisa brennan-jobs, steve job's eldest daughter, described jobs in her memoir as cruel and illustrated patterns of cruel behaviors during her adolescence years she further indicated that his business successes enabled his ruthless behaviors and abuses.

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A biography of steve jobs
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